A downloadable game for Windows


"LZR" is an Endless-Runner with Synthwave/Retrowave aesthetics. 

The goal is to beat your high score.

This hobby project is in development at the moment with updates  in the future. 

This is my very first game. Have fun ! 


A/D - Left/Right

S - slide

left mouse button - shoot

space bar - jump


A game by Nils Helmeke


LZR (win64).zip 352 MB

Development log


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I really like the game, but there's a few things that need tweaking:

  • Some sort of tutorial would be nice, I had no idea that I could duck by pressing down and died by lasers the first 3 runs
  • I sometime started a level with a bullet floating right in front of me so I died instantly
  • There are places where the road gets smaller, but I've had soldiers with guns right behind that, making it impossible to dodge the bullets so you always die

Thank you,  I didn't expected such fast feedback :).  I am aware of this issues and will fix them in future updates. 

I like to check the newest games on itch and leave some feedback :) There are some really good games being made that maybe never reach the  "hot" section so this way I get to play them haha. I like playing loads of games for a few minutes to try them out and the hot section doesn't update that often, there's new games in the new section every few hours.